JC and tania


JC and tania



Juan Carlos & Tania Gonzalez


In January of 2010, both my husband and I experienced our very first mission’s trip to Your Brother’s House in Mexico.  We had no idea what to expect or even how God was going to use us, but we felt a pulling in our hearts that was unexplainable.  We made this trip facing great fear for the unknown and what we were to experience.  God was bringing us into a new dimension of ministry, and we sensed it was going to be the beginning of something great.  This truly was an unforgettable experience for us both.  What surrounded us was more devastating than we had imagined. God’s people were bond by poverty, destruction and hopelessness. 

As many more trips followed, our love for these people grew and the desire to help them was captivating our hearts in more ways than we can explain.  Our hearts were touched deeply by the children as well.  We felt an urgency to help these children.  We want to provide them the opportunity to experience the love and hope of our Lord Jesus Christ for a better life.

These children have endured situations that are unimaginable, all of them different in nature. Most of them are hungry for the love of a father and mother, for someone to care and hold them, hungry for the simple things that we all take for granted.  Some abandoned, rejected, orphaned, all faced with so much tragedy at such a young age.  The despair and hopelessness is everywhere, and saw the affliction and sadness in their eyes very evident.  We felt the passion in our hearts to make a difference and impact these small lives in a powerful way. 

On September 19, 2012, we visited the mission in Tijuana again.  This time the experience was different and we began to seek God for His will and guidance. We had to trust God and believe that doors would be opened and that He would make the way.  This was our first step of faith towards fulfilling the purpose God had for our lives.   Things began to fall into place.  So here we are today with a Children’s Ministry and the willingness and determination to do the work that is before us. 

Along the way there have been fears and there have been giants, but we are determined to move forward.  We are presently an outreach for La Casa Hogar, an orphanage located in the heart of Tijuana, Mexico. We are helping supply the physical and spiritual needs of these children.  We understand that this is something far greater than us, but for God all things are possible.  We are striving to reach the goal and we believe that this ministry will help change the lives of many children.  God has started a good work in us, and we know that He is faithful to finish it.






On August 27th, 2012 our family suffered a great loss. Our nephew at 19 years of age lost his life in a work related accident. My sister in law had lost her only child. Here we were faced with something so horrible, unexplainable and unimaginable. We believe that this was the turning point in our lives that pushed us into making the decision we knew God wanted us to make. It was time to begin our journey towards making this children’s ministry a reality.

Alexander Lubian was born on May 1, 1993 in Miami, Florida. Alex was a special child and at a very young age developed a love for sports. While he was growing up his passion became baseball. Alex traveled and played in different tournaments winning awards and medals.

Alex was also a very smart and bright child who always did very well in school. For many years he made the honor roll and as a result he was able to receive a scholarship for college. Alex’s dream was to become a marine biologist.

Alex was a great son, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. His kindness and loving heart touched many people he came in contact with. Alex was known for being unselfish and very giving. He had a humble spirit and loved his family very much. There was no malice in him. He always was thinking about others.

Alex came to know the Lord at the age of 15 years old, when he lost his father tragically. He was very close to his dad. This was a turning point in Alex’s life. As a result Alex grew very close to God and began to serve in his church. His desire grew with each day to know more about God and serve others. His sweet spirit was something that attracted others to him. He was truly a young man full of love and compassion.

Alex had a special love for children. His basketball buddies were his neighbors between the ages of 7 and 10. He dedicated time every day to playing with his little neighbors. We all thought it was kind of strange, but it was who he was, always thinking about the children.

Alex had a heart for others and for missions. His desire was to one day visit the mission in Mexico so that he could be part of something special and help others.

Today Alex is in the presence of his heavenly father. We are sure that God needed a special angel in Heaven. Today we have the peace that he is home. This ministry will forever live on in his memory and will be a reflection of Alex’s life.

We thank God for choosing us and entrusting us with something so huge and magnificent. We are confident that He will direct our path and lead our steps. We consider it a privilege and an honor to serve our Lord and Savior.